World Tavern Poker Online League Powered by 888 Poker     


World Tavern Poker is partnering with 888 Poker to bring you the WTP ONLINE LEAGUE - an exciting concept that brings the game you know and love right into your living room!

Compete for points, prizes, and bragging rights against players from all over the United States in free poker tournaments just like the ones at your favorite bars and taverns! All WTP players are welcome, and if you live in New Jersey, you can win real money every week! (sorry but other states don't allow real money gaming)

Players can compete in three "venues" each week, accumulating points for finishing in the Top 20 as you normally would. Each venue will have a Season's Points Champion as well as a Tavern Championship!

The Season's Points Champion at the Jersey's Real Deal online venue will earn an incredible $3,500 VIP package to the OPEN! This includes:

- WTP will pay your buy-in for all tournaments at the OPEN!
- $1,000 in travel money
- Six (6) nights hotel accommodations
- Limo service to and from the airport
- $100 per day in spending dough

The Tavern Champion at Jersey's Real Deal will win a $1,000 package (hotel, travel money, and two Poker/Party tickets to the OPEN) and qualify for the National Championship Finals!

The Season's Points Champion at the Rounder's and Triple 8's venues will each receive a $1,000 OPEN package (hotel, travel money, and two Poker/Party tickets). The Tavern Champion at both of these venues will each receive two Poker/Party tickets to the OPEN, plus qualify for the National Championship Finals!

You can qualify for the National Championship Semifinals by finishing in your online venue's Top 10 tavern ranking just as you would at your local tavern!

STEP 1A: New Jersey Residents: Click on your home tavern from the list below, then register for an account on 888 Poker.

STEP 1B: All other players: 
*CLICK THIS LINK*, then register for an account on 888 Poker.

STEP 2: Go to your World Tavern player profile page (under the My WTP tab), and in the 888 Poker section, enter your 888 username and 888 email. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, make sure you accept the terms and conditions, and click Submit.

STEP 3: Register for online tournaments on the World Tavern website under the "Register for Events" tab just like a regular tavern tournament. Once registered, click on the 888 Password tab and copy this for entry into 888 tournaments for that week.

Watch the video below for more detailed sign up instructions!


South Amboy Elks 784

South Stevens Pub

Southwood Bar

Station Bar & Grill (Mon)

Station Bar & Grill (Sun)

Steakouts Home Plate

Strike Zone Lanes

SuzyQues BBQ & Bar

Taylor's Restaurant

Tequila Joe's

The Cornerstone

Tilted Kilt East Brunswick

Time Out Sports Bar

Tommy's Inn

Town Tavern


VFW Post 4463

Wildflowers Too

Woody's Roadside Tavern

Yogi's All American Grill

The league consists of three venues, and players can sign up for online tournaments on the World Tavern website just like games at your local bar! WTP Online league tournaments are located in the "Register for Games" section and will appear in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Fridays, 7:00pm and 10:00pm

Fridays, 7:30pm and 10:00pm
Saturdays, 7:00pm and 10:00pm

Sundays, 10:00am and 1:00pm

Each venue will run two tournaments per day or night, and all players who finish in the Top 20 earn points for that venue. Seasons will run for 26 weeks just like your local tavern games!

Once you've signed up for WTP Online tournaments on the World Tavern website, open your 888 Poker client, log in, and allow the location prompt to complete.

Play Money tournaments: Click the PLAY MONEY tab. Make sure "All Games" and "Tournaments" are selected. WTP Online events will be listed here.

Jersey's Real Deal tournaments: These events appear in the main tournament lobby (make sure the "All Games" and "Tournaments" tabs are selected!)

For all WTP Online events, you'll need to provide a password to gain entry. Players can register on the 888 software up to 12 hours before a tournament's start time, meaning you can register starting at 7am for an event that starts at 7pm that day.


Players will start each tournament with 25,000 chips. Blinds will run 12 minutes on the same structure as your local tavern (starting at 100/200 and up from there). There will be a 15 minute late registration period for each tournament, with breaks occuring at 55 minutes past each hour.

If you run long in the first game, no sweat - this is online poker! You can play in a venue's second game at the same time.

Follow us via social media for WTP Online League updates!

All in-game poker rules, payout structures, and disconnection protections (if applicable) are subject to 888 Poker’s policies and procedures.

You must be at least 21 years old to play in any game on 888 Poker. Anyone attempting to cheat, either by using VPN’s to circumvent geolocation restrictions or by creating multiple accounts, will be immediately dismissed from the league.

Anyone found to be berating other players via chat will be issued a warning to stop. If it persists, they will be subject to dismissal from the league. Let’s use the World Tavern Poker mantra – have fun, talk smack, but be kind!



I signed up for an 888 Poker account, but I still can’t sign up for WTP Online games on the 888 software. WHY?

Once you finish signing up for an account with 888, you will receive an email from them that you must open. There will be a link inside that email asking you to confirm your email/validate your account. Click that link! Once you’ve done this, you will be able to sign up for our tournaments on the 888 software.

Why do only people in New Jersey get to play for money?

Unfortunately, 888 Poker can only provide real money tournaments to players living in states that have regulated online poker. Currently, only New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware have such regulation. If you don’t live in one of these states, contact your state legislators and tell them you want regulated online poker!

Why do I have to enter my Social Security Number (SSN) to create a poker account with 888?

This is mandatory to confirm the identity of the person signing up. Since players can travel to a state that offers legally regulated online poker and play for real money, 888 requires everyone to enter their SSN when creating an account – even if you’re only playing in free WTP Online events.

I can’t find WTP Online tournaments on the 888 software. Where are they?

All Rounder's and Triple 8's WTP Online tournaments are on the Play Money side of 888 Poker. Open your 888 software and click the “Play Money” button on the right. Select the “All Games” tab, then the “Tournaments” tab. All of our online events will have WTP Online in the title.

All Jersey's Real Deal WTP Online tournaments (real money, New Jersey only) are listed in the default main tournament lobby when opening the 888 software. All of these events will have WTP Online in the title.

I want to play on my mobile device. How can I do this?

Register for WTP Online events on 888 Poker using your PC or Mac. Then open the 888 Poker app on your mobile device and select the appropriate tournament lobby. Once the game starts, you will be seated and able to play on your device. 888 is working on a fix so you can also register on your mobile device - we will keep you updated!

I can’t find the password to enter a WTP Online tournament. Where is it?

Log in to the World Tavern Poker website. Once you do, you are taken to the newsletter section. Click “ENTER SITE”. Scroll down the page until you see the “MY WTP” tabs. On the right, there is a “888 PASSWORD tab – click this to reveal the password for that week’s events. The password will update each week.

On Thursdays, we will also email the password to players of each Online Venue who have played previously.

What do points earned in WTP Online tournaments count towards?

Not only do your points count toward your Online Venues season points championship and Online Venue Tavern Championship, they also count for your National Ranking! This means if you play in an area of the country where there aren’t many (or any) WTP taverns or bars, you can still earn a high National Ranking.

Any top three finish in a WTP Online tournament also qualifies you for the monthly online TOC on NLOP.

Why are you capping the points at 50 players for each online tournament?

We put a 50-player point maximum in place to be fair to your local taverns and bars since points earned in WTP Online events count toward your National Ranking. So if 50 players or more play in a WTP Online tournament, first place will always be worth 12,500 points. If 49 or fewer play, then first place will be worth the normal point allotment. (10,000 + 50 X number of players)

I finished in the Top 20 of a WTP Online tournament. Why didn’t I get my points?

You must update your player profile on the World Tavern Poker website with your 888 username and email address. If you have not done so, you will not get points! Just log on to the WTP website, hover over the gold MY PLAYER PAGE button, and select “Update My Profile” from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the REQUIRED INFO section, and you will see where to enter the 888 information.

You must also register for tournaments on the WTP website just like you would for a regular tavern game. WTP Online tournaments are found in the “Register For Events” tab, just like your local bar!

I want to sign up on 888 for Friday’s WTP Online tournaments on Monday. Why can’t I do this?

Tournaments on 888 Poker only allow registration 12 hours prior to the event’s start time.

What is the structure of WTP Online tournaments?

‘Virtually’ the same as your local World Tavern Poker tournament! WTP Online events use the WTP Blind Structure, and players start with 25,000 chip starting stacks. Blinds will run 12 minutes.

When are my points going to be updated?

Points will be updated for all online venues the each week. You will receive emails just like you would from a regular tavern with results and highlights. You can also find your tavern ranking for each online venue just like you normally would (under “My Ranking”).

Is the WTP Online league season schedule the same as the regular WTP schedule?

The WTP Online runs alongside the regular WTP season schedule with the following exceptions:

Week 13/14: Online venues will run regular season games (no All Star game)
Week 25/26: Online venues will run regular season games
Week 1 of New Season:
Online venues will run Tavern Championships (same structure as regular TC's)

Give me the correct, step-by-step order on signing up for WTP Online tournaments.

Watch the video above, or follow these step-by-step instructions!

1. Register for games on the World Tavern website. Log in, click "Enter Site", and then scroll down to your MY WTP tabs.

2. Click "Register for Events". WTP Online tournaments run on Friday, Saturday (NJ only), and Sunday. Register just as you would a local Tavern game.

3. After registering, click the 888 PASSWORD tab. Copy this password, as it works for all weekend games that week. You will also be emailed the password each week if you've registered to play in WTP Online tournaments before.

4. After registering, open your 888 software.
Click PLAY MONEY, and make sure the All Money and Tournament tabs are open. For the Saturday NJ only tournaments, simply open the 888 software and the games will be listed in the main tournament lobby.

5. Sign in to WTP Online tournaments
up to 12 hours before event start time. Enter the password there.

This contest is hosted by 888 Poker and World Tavern Entertainment. Either company's franchisees or employees cannot be held liable in any way.